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To my surprise no one is raising alarm about this!

As part of court evidence in the case against Donal Trump’s intention to use US government resources to investigate his political opponent, there have been documents submitted to the court that shows WhatsApp conversation between Ukrainian officials obtained from unknown sources.
There is some indication that these conversations were not extracted from their Phone but rather it suggests that these are data captured on the Facebook servers.
The time-stamp and send and receive has a URI of an email format that is common in EMAIL, XMPP, or SIP messages. (
When you extract logs from your phone, meaning:

If a user makes a copy/paste from WhatsApp multiple messages (web or mobile) from Web or chat history, the result is this.

 [14:38, 1/29/2020] Person A: How are you?
 [14:39, 1/29/2020] Person B: I'm Good and you. 

The log format suggests these were most likely captured by access on WhatsApp server given they are passed through SSL/TLS tunnel the likely hood of them being intercepted by the US government is not possible. that is why I believe the WhatsApp security claim for end-to-end is false.

These logs also have UTC0+ which is a timezone usually set on Linux servers, neither Ukraine nor US are in UTC, aka GMT Timezone.
It also indicates that the Platform is Mobile, this information is not available through the WhatsApp client on Android, iOS, or Web or even desktop version. you can only see that message is delivered or has been seen by a grey check a sign that message was received by Whatsapp server, or a double grey check to indicate the message is received by the receiver phone but pending to be seen by the person. or blue check as for seen.